Young Change Makers Inter-University Seminar


Held at Murang’a University of Technology in March 2019

 The  Young Change Makers Inter-University Seminar on Sustainable Tourism took place at the Conference hall 2019. The event also celebrated the Young Change Makers and Mentees in Sustainable Tourism in Kenya. The program was started in 2017 and the main aim of the programme is to create young sustainability ambassadors, empowered with sustainable tourism knowledge and skills.

The STTA Young Changemakers is an extended learning program that targets and actively engages university students in sustainable tourism development. The objective of this collaborative program that involves universities, the public sector, private sector and civil society is to mentor a generation of youth who have the capacity to provide leadership in the sustainability of tourism. The program creates safe spaces where youth can be engaged for knowledge, can be motivated and inspired to be involved and can apply their creativity in problem-solving

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